Database editor

This tool, which can be found in the menu  Database>Edit, allows the editing and optimization of the database files.

One of the functions of this tool is the deletion of indexed disks/directories from the database. There is only the need to select the item and click the Delete button. This is requiered if the indexed resource data gets corrupted, or needs to be re-scanned because of changes in the custom fields definition. Deleting the root node instructs PDFE to start effectively with a clean database.

The tree folder items checkboxes are used to show/hide that resource from the rest of the interface indirect scan modes (DBDiskTree, DBDisk and DBSearch). It does nothing if the folder is accessed using the direct DiskTree scan mode. Checking and unchecking this folder visibility state checkbox also sets its subfolders state. Just press CTRL in order to only set it own state.

It is also possible to edit the Virtual label field, as shown in the above screenshot. This field allows us to add a virtual label to our indexed resources (this may be useful when the true resource label is useless, or more than one have the same, or empty, value). To edit the Virtual label field, select the root of the object (hard disk, CD-Rom, network) and type the new label in the line which will appear at the bottom of the window.

The RedirectPathTo field can be used to redirect the resource path to another place, even to an internet URL.

Tool also shows some info about the database, such as serial number, label of the selected resource, and the number of items included in the database.