This is the most versatile and powerful scan mode, as it allows to search a particular string expression in the database indexed metadata fields, and documents indexed text content. The search engine uses Boolean logic with support for the and, or and not Boolean operators and parenthesis to impose operation precedence.

The and operator is assumed between two words, if no other operator is present. For example, the search phrase "digital video" implies "digital and video".

As can be seen from the image above, the search can be performed within the indexed metadata fields, info fields option, or within the document text content, indexed contents option. The option to search within the metadata info fields will search in all the field. There is no way, at the moment, to specify in what field(s) to search.
The option to search the actual PDF text content will find all the files which match the Boolean expression provided. This option is only available if some documents have previously been indexed via the index text words batch tool, and, obviously, only those previously indexed will be included in the search..

The case sensitive option, only available if searching within the info fields, will take into account the entered text characters CASE. The whole words only option exclude from results partial words matches.

If the search results include documents from more than one indexed resource, a new selector appears, as shown in the image below, where the user can restrict the results which will be displayed in the ScanGrid.