External applications

Through the use of this functionality we can execute external command line applications passing selected grid files as command line parameters. This dialog is used to add, remove and configure these external applications.

The name field is used to give a meaningful name to the application and show later in the tools menu, below the item that fire this dialog, as an new item. The program field specifies the full path to the external command line application. If needed, the working directory can be specified and it will be set as the active Shell directory when external program executed. Can be set to a fixed directory, or dynamically to the directory of the first file selected in the grid when the external application invoked.

The parameters field is used to specify the way the selected files names and paths in the grid are passed to the external application and/or to pass additional parameters. For the dynamic parameters, the ones that reference the grid selected files, the constants provided by the fast reference menu must be used. These constants includes the active file full path to specify the selected file full path and name in the grid, the active file name to specify only the grid selected file name, the selected files full path list to send a list of full paths and file names of all the grid checked files and the selected files names list to send only the list of the files name. Lists items are space character delimited and items values are "enclosed" in double quotes.