This is the scanning method used to index in the database the documents stored on disk, or any other compatible media. The index operation is done transparently, as the user navigates through the various folders which are displayed in the tree.

Metadata is gathered and added to the database from all the PDF, and CHM, documents found on these folders. While performing this operation, the ScanGrid shows the documents which are being indexed.

This scan procedure is also used to update the database. Any new document which is found is added to the database, and any document which has been deleted or moved is removed from it. Information, from previously indexed documents, which have been modified is also committed to the database during this process.

The subfolders checkbox is used to, when checked, also perform the scan in all the sub-folders of the selected folder. To index a whole disk at once, we just need to select its root node, and check this subfolders checkbox.