Getting Started

The first step to start using PDFE is to scan for supported file types (PDF's and CHM's), populating the PDFE database with these files metadata. This is done through the direct scanning method, provided by the DiskTree scanning tool. As folders are navigated, all the files found are automatically added to the database.

Once the documents have been added to the database, the indirect scanning tools (DBDiskTree, DBDisk and DBSearch ) can be used instead to, more rapidly (because data is gathered from the database), fill the scan grid with the documents references, so they can then be accessed by all the other PDFE functionalities.
The first two methods allow the user to browse through the database indexed folders. The third allows the user to search for a document by searching for words in the metadata fields, or text content, of the indexed files. This search can be done without need to the files to be accessible, as the search is performed within the database and not within the actual files. This is the main method to find a document indexed by PDFE. With its look in info fields option selected, will search database for words in the documents metadata fields. This is most useful, of course, if the fields have been filled with relevant and accurate information.

The PDFE Quick Info Edit view mode allows us to quickly edit these metadata fields, to ensure that they contain information which will be helpful for when we need to later locate the document again. This document view mode provide access to the metadata fields editor, InfoEdit, and, at the same time, the document file is previewed in order to assist the user when updating these fields, as information can be cut and pasted from the document directly into the fields, with the help of the quick info edit assistants.

The second method to find a document, DBSearch Indexed contents option, can be used only after indexing into the database all the documents text content. The Index Text Words batch tool, accessible from the Batch Tools tab, allows us to run this process. After PDFE has completed indexing the documents text content, this indexed contents option will be active.

After this simple steps done, and that can be repeated as many times as needed (to update database), we have the program ready to start managing efficiently our documents.