Info Edit

This tool is used to edit the grid active document, standard, and custom defined, metadata fields, in the context of the active grid layout, enforcing layout defined fields data type, but only on edited fields. Each field has access to the last 10 edits content, from its drop down list, to easily reuse earlier typed content, and accept text drag&drop operations.

It's also this tool that is used by the QuickInfoEdit mode, where it's powered with a more versatile edit history, and external reference, tools.

Changes are committed on both the database, and on the file itself, provided the latter is stored on a R/W support.

While in this control, the use of the CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down keyboard shortcuts is useful to rapidly change the active document without the need to exit control to go change the grid active row. The changes made, if any, are automatically updated just before active document change. Pressing CTRL+S will apply the changes without the need to change to another document.