Author Topic: Custom Metadata shows up in PDFE but not in Reader/file/properties  (Read 3766 times)

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When InfoEdit is used and entries are made to custom "tags", this info is always seen on the computer which entered the info. On other computers on the network, some of the file "tags" are not seen in PDFE. If this happens, opening the file with Reader/file/properties/ the custom tab is empty. I'm nearly certain that the individual was prompted with "Unable to update file metadata" and elected to click on the "Ignore" button and continued. All "seemed" ok. Since all the custom metadata info is visible on one computer, can I import/export or do something so the info is written to the actual file?
This is related to another previous post in which I did the following: "Try changing the way PDFE uses Acrobat, under menu Edit>Preferences>InternalPDFReader. Change  from "Internet Explorer Default", to "Adobe Acrobat"." and this seems to have helped but I would still like to recover what has already been done.


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Edited metadata is saved in two places. The PDFE database and the PDF file itself.
When you choose ignore, to face the temporary impossibly to update the file itself (because the PDF reader is not unlocking the file), only the database is updated. That's why you see the metadata locally, PDFE uses the database to show it, but don't show in another instance of PDFE, or in Acrobat, because the new metadata is not in the file.

You may now use the "Update Document Info Fields" batch tool to fix the issue. This batch tool will use the metadata saved in the database and update the file with it.

This problem of Acrobat not unlocking the PDF, even when instructed to load a different file, seems to happen at some systems. Unfortunately can't make it happen here, to better understand the problem.
And indeed, seems that changing the way the reader is loaded, as you mention, sometimes reduces the problem.
Other PDF readers don't seem to have this file lock behavior, so, if using Acrobat is not mandatory, you may try with a different one.