Author Topic: My Firewall keeps warning about Pdf-Explorer  (Read 3957 times)

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My Firewall keeps warning about Pdf-Explorer
« on: December 06, 2009, 09:56:25 AM »
Tried the pdf-explorer and... ...well, looks like a great program, which exactly fits my needs (beside a small issue, will write a extra message for this)... BUT, my firewall is continuously telling me about ftp-explorer is trying to get into the internet:

06.12.09 10:07   Outgoing   TCP []   1568   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe
06.12.09 10:08   Outgoing   TCP []   1603   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe
06.12.09 10:09   Outgoing   TCP []   1604   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe
06.12.09 10:25   Outgoing   TCP []   1654   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe
06.12.09 10:36   Outgoing   TCP []   1656   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe
06.12.09 10:36   Outgoing   ICMP []   8   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe
06.12.09 10:37   Outgoing   TCP []   1657   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe
06.12.09 10:37   Outgoing   ICMP []   8   C:\Programme\PDF Explorer\PDFExplorer.exe

Is this a spyware? or what the hell is going on there >:( >:( >:( >:( Fortunately I installed pdfexplore on my virtual test machine, so it was just one mouseclick to remove this, but a can assure you, my confidence in you and your software has been shaken. :( :( :(


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Re: My Firewall keeps warning about Pdf-Explorer
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2009, 11:55:20 AM »
That's happening because you have the Help>CheckForUpdates>AutoCheckAtStartup option enabled.
Google domain is pinged to find out if computer is connected to the internet and the statcounter is a web statistcs service I use to understand the panorama of PDF Explorer trial users. No private information, other than a normal web browser send to these statistics services, is collected, so definitively not spyware. If computer is indeed connect to the Internet, the check for updates feature will then get the updates information from PDFE site and present it to user, if any available.
Just uncheck that option, and manually check from updates, if you don't want to contribute to my statistics data :)