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SetMetaData with space character
« on: June 30, 2008, 08:17:00 AM »
I have a problem with SetMetaData when a space character is included.

If I enter this...

Rundll32 "c:\Program Files\PDF-ShellTools\PDFShellTools.dll",SetMetadata "Metadata=Title='My Title'" C:\temp\B1C1\P2000-0102.pdf

...the title field will display 'My (the single quote included). It doesn't handle the single quotes as it should and it breaks the information after the first space character.

If I leave out the single quote it will only display My.

Is it a bug or if I have to live with it, what can I use to replace the space character?


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SetMetaData with space character
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2008, 09:38:00 AM »
The example in the manual is wrong. The single quotes must embrace the metadata field name also, not just the metadata content as wrongly expressed in the manual.

This way should work

Rundll32 "c:\Program Files\PDF-ShellTools\PDFShellTools.dll",SetMetadata "Metadata='Title=My Title'" C:\temp\B1C1\P2000-0102.pdf

Now the manual is correct