PDF-ShellTools Manager

The PDF-ShellTools manager provides:

It can be started from the PDF-ShellTools Shell context menu Settings, Check for updates or About items, or directly from the Start Menu PDF-ShellTools folder - PDF-ShellTools Manager shortcut.

ShellTools Manager screenshot

In the top list of the settings separator we have a list of shell extensions available and its state, i.e. if registered/unregistered in the Windows Shell. Use the checkboxes to disable an extension, e.g. if an incompatibility appears, or to re-register it if for some reason it becomes unregistered in the Windows Shell.

Some of the Shell extensions (InfoTip, Context Menu, Property and Column Handlers) have configurable parameters.

Changes only take effect after applied using the apply changes button.

The general settings button, at the bottom left, opens the settings management functions menu.

Manager settings button

The save current as default to all users item will configure the program to use the current user specific settings as the default to all the users. There are settings that are already global, such as the custom fields, but generally, the rest of settings can be configured independently. This option, with the help of the reset to default one, is an easy way of get all the users in the same pc/server to have the same settings, such as the metadata items to show in the details pane and info tip balloons, share the same my scripts and my tools, etc..

The backup/restore options save/restore all the settings to/from an external file. Can be used just for backup proposes, or to easily transfer the settings to another installation.

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