Run as Windows service

PDF Explorer can also run as a Windows Service. The web interface, the task automation folders, and the Folders monitors, are the only enabled functionalities when running in this, unattended, mode. Running as a Windows service enables the possibility to have an application running just after the PC starts, even without a logged-on user. It is very useful to have the web interface always running, with service monitoring tools to make sure it restarts if found to freeze, in a client-server architecture.

Two batch files, ServiceInstall.bat and ServiceUninstall.bat, can be found at same folder where PDF Explorer is installed, and are used exactly for what there name suggests. Install PDFE as Windows service, and uninstall it.

The next dialog will show up when service install called

Service installer dialog

The account name and account password fields must be filled with the respective user name and password of the Windows account PDF Explorer is installed in, and the startup type set how the service must be treated when Windows starts ( Automatic to start it; Manual to wait for user intervention to start it, and Disabled to disable the service). After the OK button pressed a dialog will show up confirming, or not, correct service installation. Service will not start immediately, even if set to Automatic, it will start only if manually instructed to do so from the Windows Services Manager, or, if set to Automatic, if Windows rebooted.

The Windows service and normal GUI interface can't run simultaneously, so, when starting PDF Explorer, GUI version, if its Windows service is found running, a warning message will show up requesting that the service must stop in order to run the program. If accepted, service will be stopped and PDFE GUI will start normally. When exiting, a confirmation request will show up, asking if the service must be restarted again.