Command line options

This is the list of supported command line parameters:

-sm Start minimized
-mt Minimize to tray, when minimized
-ws Start web server at program startup
dbpath="Path\to\alternative\PDFE\data\directory" Used to enable multiple, and independent, instances of the program. This parameter set the directory where to look for, or create, database and configuration files. With it, it is possible to create different users settings, or run multiple instances of the program.


Another command line feature is the possibility to start PDF Explorer with a command line passed list of files and/or folders.
- Passing a list of files/folders will instruct PDFE to scan these files or locations as if using the DiskTree scan mode. Supported file types will be indexed/updated, and shown in the grid.

- Passing a .csv file, will start the import wizard.

- Passing a PDF Explorer native file, .grd or .pdz, will open that file, as usually happen with the File>Open functionality.

And all this works even if PDF Explorer is already running. New started instance pass the command line parameters to the already running one, and exits itself.