Task automation folders

This dialog configure the task automation folders functionality. This functionality is used to automatically execute a customizable sequence of tasks on files created or modified in the, set for automation, folders. PDF Explorer monitors these set for automation folders and when it detect a file creation/modification the sequence of tasks is executed on that file.

The top dialog list show the list of settings for automation folders. Add or remove folders to it using the just below add and remove buttons. Unchecked item folders are disabled for automation. The subfolder checkbox, when checked, extend the automation to the sub-folders of the select folder.

The middle list show the sequence of tasks to be executed in the top list selected folder. At its right, the add and remove buttons are used to add and remove tasks to the list.

Tasks, when configurable, can be set up in the bottom area, where selected task options dialog show up.

Use the top run now button to manually execute selected task sequence in a list of manually selected files.