Author Topic: How to configure PDF shell tools to display "company" in Windows Explorer  (Read 2743 times)

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Hallo everybody,

I'm trying to define metadata for PDF files so they are similar to office metadata and can be displayed in Windows Explorer in a similar way. Using the software enhances PDF metadata with some of the missing attributes. I still miss the metadata "company" (in German "Firma"). I tried to define the missing metadata but didn't really succeed: the attribute can't be edited in the details pane of windows explorer. Can somebody help?



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Hello Monika,

And can't be edited in the details pane why? The field don't show or you get an error while editing it?

The "Company" field is not a standard PDF metadata property, so you need to define a custom field. After creating the custom field, using the manager custom fields settings editor, and give it a meaningful name, "Firma" in your case (using the default PDECustomX name and label is not recommended), you need to set this new field to show in the Windows Explorer details pane if you want to be able to edit it from there. Even if not set it to be visible from the details pane, it is always possible to edit it from the file properties (file right click menu>properties) details tab.
After this steps the field definition is ready and, if changes applied, it will be registered in the system and became usable as a custom field handled by the PDF-ShellTools property handler.
Because you want this field to have equal utilization as the system defined "", you also need to map it to that system field, from the mapping tab
Because of a bug in the current public version (it will be fixed in the next release) you need to set this mapping two times. Check this forum topic for details.
Take also note that any change made in the "custom fields" and "mapping" tabs may set unchecked the field in the "details pane" tab, so make sure it is checked before applying the changes.