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Adding a date column for current date

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I am new to this so please forgive any ignorance or stupidity on my part. I don't know anything about coding but I can follow instructions.I am trying to add a column that I can click on to add the current date to a file. this is to be used to mark when the file is sent to someone as an email attachment. Basically I want to be able to look at the folder and see what has been sent and when. I have tried many of the available presets with no result. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks

Start by creating a custom property that will hold that sent date value. To do this, run the manager.exe, select the property handler extension item add a new property, name it accordingly to the data that will save, and set its data type. Check first attached screenshot for details.

Now change to the "details pane items" named tab and set the new property to show on the Windows Explorer details panel. Now click the "apply changes" button to register the new property in the Windows property system. See second screenshot for details.

You can now set this property to show as a Windows Explorer column and view, edit and sort by, from various places, such as the Windows Explorer details pane, file properties details tab, etc.

And I'm back.   This worked like a charm but only for one item . When I tried to add more the check mark would never stay when I applied changes. when I went back to the list the item would be there but not checked. Any ideas? - Thanks

Please attach to a forum reply a screenshot, as the first in my above reply, showing the custom properties you are defining.
Attach also a zipped backup of your settings. You create this backup from the manager bottom left "settings" named button, "backup" menu item.

As requested - I hope it helps


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