Delete pages

This simple tool is used to delete pages from PDF documents. The pages to be deleted can be specified using page index sequences or ranges.

Delete pages tool screenshot

The pages to delete field syntax can be reached at any time through the yellow question mark at its right. Move the mouse pointer over it, to see the hint window shown below.


Command line interface:

Function name: Delete
Options: [] means optional parameter
[OutputPath=] - Full path where to create the processed files. When specified, file save mode option is set to "Save in another folder"
[-CreateBackup] - If specified, sets the file save mode option to "Backup original files".
[-s] - Silent mode. Run without showing the interface (only available in the registered version)
PagesToDelete= - The list of pages to delete, specified accordingly with the rules shown in the above image.
fileslist - List of PDF files from where the pages must be deleted; Separate files using the semicolon ";" char. Wildcards supported.
Must be the last parameter.
"C:\Program Files\PDF-ShellTools\PDFShellTools.exe" Delete OutputPath=C:\PDFs\Processed PagesToDelete=1-2,5 C:\PDFs\*.PDF
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