Print all pages

This batch tool is used to print several PDF files in sequence. All submit PDF documents will be sequentially sent to print, and monitored until the print operation is terminated.

In this tool options dialog, as shown in above screenshot, it is possible to choose the printer to be used, the number of files to be spooled at the same time (to be set according to your system resources) and, if necessary, a separator page (either a blank page or a PDF file).

In order to physically print the pages external software is needed. If Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Acrobat Reader are present in your system, you can choose the Acrobat DDE option, which uses the Dynamic Data Exchange protocol to control the operation. The option Shell print will try to use the software associated to the .pdf extension in the system Shell.

The Go button will be inactive if it is not possible to print (e.g.: no printer installed, no software available to print PDF files, etc.).

To make sure this tool works properly, the selected printer must be set to use the Windows printer spool. If you choose to send data directly to the printer, the tool may not work as supposed.