Merge/Rearrange pages

This tool can merge several PDF documents into a new one, or rearrange their pages order. For all the selected files submitted to the tool, we just need to select the merge order and the pages to include. As a result, we get a new PDF document composed by the chosen pages.

Merge tool screenshot

The files selected in the active grid will appear in the tool file list. The toolbar provide buttons to change the merge order, remove a file from the list, or clone a file entry to set the same file again as source of page (useful for document page order rearrange operations).

The merge sequencing thru documents in the list option configures the tool to start merging all the 1st pages of all the documents, then adds all the 2nds pages of all the documents, and so on, merging sequentially until all the pages are merged. Useful to add two documents that contain the odd and even pages of a final document.

In the pages to include column we can specify which pages are going to be used from each document in the merging operation using the rules shown below:

This rules hint window show at the tool itself, when hovering the question mark image button with the mouse.