Insert/Append pages

PDF's only tool, used to insert PDF pages, or entire PDF documents, into a specified point of a PDF file, after, or before, an already existing page.

Insert-Append screenshot

PDF's that will be modified, with inserted pages, are the ones we select in the active grid before starting the tool.

At tool start, we will be asked for the files where pages to be inserted are found. Once chosen, the window pictured above will show. The top list will show files to be modified, and the bottom list will show source files. The bottom list works like the merge tool, and if more than one document is specified, a merge operation is previously done: the resulting merged file will be the one inserted in the documents of the top list.

The insert point column allows us to tell the page index where new pages will be added. One can use the top list right-click menu to quickly define common use insert points. Use the insert before/insert after options to choose if new pages will be added before or after the defined insertion point. 

The file save mode list will allow us to choose whether to overwrite the original files, to create a backup file or to save the new file in a new folder.

The hint balloon shown below, that popup if question mark image button is hovered, resumes the operations and supported pages to include rules.