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Can't delete author from metadata


Once the Author field has a value, I can't remove it or change it via any of the editing options (command line, infoedit, or details pane). I can insert an author if the field is blank, but then it's there for good. The other fields work fine, it's just the one. The anonymizer will empty the author field along with the rest, but that's not the way I want to go. Trial version, Windows 10 64-bit.

Just tested it here and seems to be working fine. I can add new author names, remove any or edit the names.
What language is your Windows? Have you checked with other PDF files?

Ah, I seem to be working on a corrupt file. Other files work fine. Sorry for the false alarm.

If you still have that PDF, and you can share it, it would be interesting to check if I can add changes to the code in order to handle this "corrupt file" situation.


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