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Image Recognition Procedures for Extracting Images


I have many PDF documents with scanned pages. Images mode can't extract images from such pages (where whole page is an image itself). I was wondering, is there a way to use image recognition procedures to extract images from scanned pages? I suppose such procedures are common for DSP packages, so it would be possible to use them for our purposes. But can we mess with image extraction using Custom Scripts?


Image segmentation is something the OCR library, that PDFE uses for the quick OCR assistant, can do, so it would be possible to achieve this functionality.
But I don't see many users needing such service, especially from a script interface, to worth the effort to expose the functions to the script interface.
Maybe a feature more suitable to the extract images tool, where the user can manually enable the image segmentation, when trying to extract images from such type of scanned documents.


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