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curently we have ZIP/RAR archive format support. Please consider adding 7zip and/or TAR/GZ support for full compatibility with all most popular archive formats.

Thanks in advance.

The last time I checked it was working with the 7zip format already. Any problems with it?
It can support already the tar/gz format too, from some time now, but I never made it public because it is not that popular in the Windows world. I just need to remove some conditional compiler defines and include the external library in the installer of the next release ;)

With our version neither 7Z nor TAR/GZ are possible to be opened/scanned. But it would be great to have these supported in the next release.

It's working fine with .7z archives here (verify if you have a 7-zip32.dll file at the PDFE program folder). Check with a simple .7z archive (i.e. small size, only ascii characters in the names and one level path), to check if the problem is specific to your archives, and if so please attach a sample one so I can verify it.

7-zip32.dll is present, at version
Please verify the files attached.


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