Author Topic: Windows 7 SP1 - convert image to PDF crashes when "Add blank page" option select  (Read 3148 times)

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I can reliably repeat the following behaviour which results in a crash.   

Right mouse button on a .JPG (or any image) and select "Convert to PDF"

This results in the Merge-Rearrange window popping up, with the image file listed as the only file to merte.  Hitting Run results in a popup which says:

Access violation at addrss 0064F3C5 in module 'Manager.exe'. Read of address 00000010

And one then needs to use Windows task manager to kill the Application. (The running PDFShell tools process is Manager.exe)

Now, I've got ALL the tools options selected (Keep Layers, Group by document etc etc) and Names is set to
[Counter:0|1|0|A] [F]

I'll have a go at removing some of these and see if it makes it not-crash....ah, it's the "add blank page" that's causing the crash


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Indeed, the add blank page option is the culprit. I always forget that the tools also handle image files :-[
I've just finished fixing it. Should be OK in the next release.
No workaround, other than a script to merge and add the blank page by code, with the MergeBlankPage method.

Thanks for reporting the issue.