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Were having an issue where we reach a certain limit of characters on tags however say we hit 170 characters and delete 15 characters it will only let us type to 160 characters, Any reason for this or a way to increase the cap?


Hi Matt,
In what Windows version?
Editing from where? The file properties "InfoEdit" tab or (if in Windows Vista or up) the file properties "Details" tab or Windows Explorer details pane?
Any field in particular or it occurs with all the fields?

I've done a quick test, in Windows 7 and 8.1 (32 and 64 bit) and I'm not seeing any limit in the number of characters, even using the example you refer.


I have been testing this quite a bit more and it seems to happen on some files but not all.

Example: We have a football photo with all the players, My client wants to add every players name from the photo as a keyword to search which works however on most of the files if we right click go to properties click infoedit and scroll down to Keywords it will only allow 259 characters, however before we upgraded and still the case on some of the old PDF documents we have they have 450+ characters.

It will allow us to type 400 but when we hit apply it deletes them down to 259.

We are running on the latest version.

I can send you the files in question if need be as I've tried this on 2 computers now and have found the same result.


Testing with that 259+ character scenario (I previously tested with the 170 example you gave) I can reproduce the problem here too! I will have it fixed in the next release.
The problem is only occurring in the InfoEdit properties sheet extension, so if you are using Windows Vista or up, you can edit the same fields from the file properties "Details" tab or from the Windows Explorer details pane. This tools use the property handler extension, that is not affected by this problem.


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