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Title: plain vanilla shell tools
Post by: pk72 on October 23, 2014, 11:49:41 AM
I see pdf shell tools becoming more complex every year and having an API added for every feature. pdf shell tools still is a good product and as far as I know still the only solution for pdf properties handling on the market. But the license is 40€ now and I wonder how many of your customers need all the bells and whistles added over the years. So I am wondering if you ever thought about a "plain vanilla" pdf shell tools that does property handling (editing metadata) in Windows explorer and nothing else at a considerably lower price tag.
Just my two cents.
Title: Re: plain vanilla shell tools
Post by: RTT on October 24, 2014, 12:54:23 AM
Hi Philipp,
If the only reason for a simplest version is the price, then take note that the price wasn't changed since the first version. All the new functionality is being added, every new release, without additional cost to the end-user.
Just the functionality related to the handling of metadata is already quite complex (create and import custom properties, properties remapping, metadata capture with OCR functionality, etc.) and so I have my doubts if assembling a new tool, that would include all of it, is worth the effort.