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Where can download the PDF-ShellTools, version 2.6.X  ?   

If you are a licensed user, you just need to request a download link, from your license registered email address, to the support email address.

Hi, i have a same problem .
at 2014-01-11 i have buyed a RTT Software PDF-ShellTools with account alessandro.rosa@dynamicsolutions.it, now this email not is active.
not finding where to download version 2.6.x for the key in my possesion.
can you help my.



--- Quote from: alessandro.rosa7 on November 27, 2017, 08:46:29 PM ---Hi, i have a same problem .

--- End quote ---
Just email me to the support email address, requesting a new download link for that version, and attach to the message a copy of the invoice of the license purchase, or a copy of your license registration email message.


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