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PDFe removes Read-Only attribute


after making a PDF read-only and editing file metadata with Batch Tools - Edit Info Fields (DB Only option unchecked) we not only get our previous metadata overwritten but also get read-only attribute removed! I believe such things should not happen. If I make file read-only I need it to stay that way unless unchecked personally.
Perhaps it would be wise to indicate read only files with auto-locking "for changes" those files in the grid, that is by placing an indicator next to entry? Then the unlocking should prompt about read-only file property and not PDFe internal locking and propose to remove read-only attribute for all selected entries? And maybe the indicator should be made thicker, that is "visually bigger"? Anyway, this one is really a hazardous thing.


And it indexes files with hidden attribute too. :)
The file attributes will need to be indexed in the DB, to be able to show that different type of lock. And/or the tool can have an option to override the attribute, so the user can decide if it will skip or not the protected files.

Let the scanner get all the files, hidden or not, but please preserve the attributes after "Edit info fields".
I really don't like to have file attributes removed without a slightest warning  :(


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