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Sample Script from My Scripts Manager loss


selecting/viewing a Samples script (for example, "Cloud Drive - Put the PDF Metadata in the description") while in Scripts Editor and clicking on New Script icon to create a new script in "My Scripts" section clears the code of the sample script (makes it New?!). Without knowing this you could save your "new script" user script but that would save the "cleared" Sample script as well :(
How can I get back my sample scripts without reinstalling the app?

Thanks in advance

I thought this bug was fixed already, but I see it has returned! Fixed. Thanks for reporting.
For this case in particular, with changes made to the sample scripts, just open the PDFE data folder (type %appdata%\PDF Explorer in the Windows Explorer address bar, to easily locate it), and delete the file MyScriptsSamples.dat. This will reset the sample scripts back to the installed originally.

The script has been resurrected ;D


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