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is it possible to limit the depth of archives for document scanning? For example, I have an archive within an archive, and I would like to find only documents which are only in the primary archive - is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance

Not possible right now but, but definitively something that may be implemented. I will check it. Thanks for the suggestion.

This feature would be most welcome ;D

I used to extract file name from full path by checking whether it's inside an archive with such code:

--- Code: ---if (fileName.indexOf('>') > 0) {                // remove archive name tag
fileName = fileName.substring(fileName.indexOf('>') + 1); }

--- End code ---
After messing around I found out that it would not work properly depending on archive depth.
Currently our file name pattern is: <archive.zip>archive-inside.zip|document-inside.pdf .
Wouldn't it be simpler if we had pattern like this: <archive.zip><archive-inside.zip>document-inside.pdf ?

I think limiting scan depth should even speed-up file scanning in cases where we have archived archives of various recognizable file types.


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