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Scripts manager crashes with stack overflow when new/edit selected

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Ver  (still trying to get IT to install 3.0  >:(  for the last three months)

Been happily working away on a large set of PDFs until yesterday when, for the first time in a few days, I needed to edit a script.   I can happily open the manager but the moment I click on new or edit (in the scripts view) the manager seizes up.  And I have to reach for TaskManager to stop PDFShell tools.

About half the time I get a "stack overflow" message when I do this.  Occasionally there's a "discard changes" pop up that Windows is waiting for.

Trying to get into the editor via Ctrl-click on a script results in a "hidden" window - it exists but I can't select it in Windows.

Is this just a result of being so far out of date?

Must be some state specific to your system that is triggering the bug. Try backup rename the file %appdata%\PDF-ShellTools\MyScripts.dat, to see if it is your list of scripts. Doing so will remove all your custom scripts from being listed.
If you have access to, backup rename also the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\PDFShellTools\MyScripts registry key, to check if the problem is related to any scripts editor saved settings.
If the problem persist, better try with version 3.0 (three months!!) before we can test other possibilities.

Thanks once again for the prompt response.   I

t's not a problem in the my scripts.dat (shame) so I'll have to hunt down my IT  people

Now at Rev 3.0.  Problem solved. :)

Strangely, a similar behaviour has returned.  I am up-to-date except for one chinese language update.

Now, when I click "edit" (or "new") the button goes blue and that's where everything stops.   Task manager says shelltools is runnin but it is unresponsive.

It is using 0% CPU, which briefly pops up to 3% if I click on the window, and 2.036K memory.

When I stop shelltools running in New mode it says "stack overflow". When I stop if from "edit" is says "save changes (yes/no)"

Windows 7 professional, SP-1 on Intel I7-6600U CPU with 8G RAM.   I have no rights on this machine under our group policy:  doing anything at all requires an Administrator to remotely log in (e.g. installing updates; adding a new printer; adjusting time and date)


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