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can we use scripts to get current PDF View mode (or Images Mode tab) open a file? At a specific page number? When internal viewer is sLister application? Can we send commands (using custom scripts) for PDF View application? Especially to sLister?

Thanks in advance

No. Please give me a workflow example that needs this.

I was thinking about running a script which after some calculations would choose the "best match" document and automatically open it in PDF View mode. The additional question was would it be possible to open it at a specific page automatically.

Interesting! I will look into it. And extending the idea to be able to select files in the grid opens the possibility to use scripts to automate filter operations.

Regarding the opening of the reader at a specific page. Some of the supported reader interfaces have this possibility, but I don't see how to do it with the lister plugins, and the slister in particular. The SumatraPDF, automated by the slister, supports a command line -page #pagenum parameter, but the slister plugin disables this possibility by enclosing the entire FileToLoad parameter, of the ListLoad function, in double quotes.

Thanks for the answer. So, perhaps, we can at least open a selected entry in PDF View mode, if not opening at a specific page? Could you give a code sample?


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