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help !! Web interface - configure access from the Internet


Hi. I downloaded the program but I can not load my library on the internet, I get error

Are you referring to the web interface functionality?
What's the error? A screenshot (you may attach it to your reply) may help to better understand the context of the error.
If indeed this is the subject, if your PC is behind a router, to connect to the Internet, you need to open a port on your router for inbound connections, and forward it to your PC, to the same TCP port where the PDFE is running the HTTP server (the default one is 8080).
Some pages that may help:

I can't open port

It's my router panel !!


--- Quote ---I can't open port

--- End quote ---
Why? In the first post you referred to an error. What error, and where it is showing (the router, PDFE,...)?

--- Quote ---It's my router panel !!

--- End quote ---
- In the "LAN IP" you need to type your computer IP in the LAN, i.e. the 192.168.1.?? partially shown in the first screenshot.
- In the "Puerto en la LAN" you type the TCP/IP port where the PDFE web server will be listening. In your case, 8080.
- In the "Puerto público" you type the port that you router will set open for incoming traffic. You may put there the same, i.e. 8080, and the URL to access the PDFE web server from the Internet will be the one shown in the first screenshot, for external access. But you may type here any other port. Let's say you type the default HTTP port, 80. Now the URL will be the same, but with the 8080 replaced by just 80, or, because 80 is the default port for the HTTP protocol, there is no need to have the :80 thing in the URL.
- Now you just need to select the "activar" checkbox and your router will be forwarding any traffic, that arrives from the Internet, in the port you set in the "Puerto público", to your computer "LAN IP" and "Puerto en la LAN", where the PDFE web server will be listening.

Take note that, usually, you can't check (using the given external access URL) if it is working from a PC in the same LAN. You need to check from another network, i.e. using your mobile smartphone connection to the Internet. Or using a service such as the google translator, to simulate the access from an outside network.

You may also have to check if your ISP is not blocking inbound traffic in that "Puerto público" you will be choosing. Some ISP's block some ports.


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