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About a BATCH I/O log header

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Done. Now the batch i/o window uses a monospaced font and the default file name of the save batch i/o log and export grid dialogs includes the date in the name.

Great news :)
In addition to this, it would be useful to be able to save the log with a hotkey "Ctrl+S" instead of a mouse-click, i.e. using "Ctrl+S" (or at least "Shift+S", if the previous combination can't be used) in I/O Log mode would run the Save File dialog. What do you think?

Done. Ctrl+S, or the shortcut currently assigned to the UpdateInfoAct action, now also triggers the batch i/o logs save as dialog.

Great. I'm just curious, how do you avoid "hotkey collision" (if it's assigned to UpdateInfoAct and Save File dialog) then - activating a hotkey checks for the current pdfe mode and only then executes the command accordingly?

The hotkey is global, but the function called by the event can make decisions. In this case it's a easy to know what are the user intentions, based on the active mode.


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