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Additional font/color preferences for CHM/Archived files


please, consider implementing Edit>Preferences>Appearance options (font/color changes) for ScanGrid items depending on file type and whether the entry is archived. It would very be useful to be able to change the font color, at least. It's a good and quick info feedback.
Color changes depending on a predefined regular expression? That would be interesting! ;D


Better with a GetCellDrawAttributes scripted function, that can be defined with each grid layout, able to return the text font, color, etc. for a specific grid cell. And a GetRowDrawAttributes, to define for all cells of each row at once.
In the todo list for some time, but not a priority right now. I need to check grid performance implications.

Could you share sample code for GetCellDrawAttributes to run some tests with this function?

That's just a possible function name I come up when posting. This functionality is, right now, no more than a bunch of ideas in the todo list, as I wrote in my previous reply.

Having this, we could create "dynamic text mark-ups". Can't wait to get this feature to play around ;D


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