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pdfe MessageBox doesn't show under some conditions.


Modified this post. I'm more certain now. pdfe MessageBox doesn't show up when hide output window is unselected in script manager. I don't want to shoiw the output window but I do want to display output in some way like MessageBox or Alert or similiar.

Any ideas?


The tool considers a non-interactive running environment when the output window is set hidden, and so it suppresses these internally handled user interaction methods.
Anyway, you may use any other object methods, such as the WshShell.PopUp one.
You may also create a library script in VBScript language, to declare message and input help functions that use the language MsgBox and InputBox methods, include that library in your jscript script (check this post on how to do that) and call these methods from your script.


I'll try that.  :D


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