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using API through on an other software



I'm working on a workflow to automate processing.
Some of my clients send me PDF files that I need to index, sort, split, merge...etc
To do this, the workflow software enable me to write some javascript (with WSH) but with an old API (Alambic) and it is very limited.
Until Now, to do treatments that Alambic cannot do, I use command lines by the Shell, but it gets complicated when there are many.

Is it possible simply to call the PDF- ShellTools's API through the script?
I did not succed to instantiate the PDFE object.
If possible, do you have simple examples ?
Thank you so much


This is not possible right now. I need to implement a COM server and make some other changes. I'm going to make some tests ;)

Thank you for the answer.
I hope it will not be too complex and daunting for you to implement the COM object.
Maybe these changes will coming in the next updates, good luck.

It's up and running. Check the attached screenshots ;)

Awesome !
it will interests many developers, especially as the API is friendly to use !
me first  ;)


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