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PDF thumbnails are displayed duplicate

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Yes the dupliactes are present in the thumbnail cache folder :
In the image below, you can see the duplicates (1st & 6th thumb) with différent file name...

* If I delete the duplicates to force the program to rebuild it, thats works...
* I use Opera browser, but same behavior with chrome or firefox...
* Same path for duplicates thumb...
* If I delete all the thumbs, some duplicates reappear (not the same) on the rebuild of them
I understand that is difficult to understand ...
Thanks for help...


So the code is indeed creating a same thumbnail for two, or more, different PDFs! I've checked the code and I can't figure out how this may be happening.

Regarding the file names. I really appreciate if you can post here the full path file names, in text. Trying to figure out these path/names from the screenshot is impossible. Using the Windows Explorer, just right click select the PDF, while holding down the SHIFT key, and click the "copy as path" menu item. And this for two of these PDFs that result in duplicates.


These 2 paths show the same thumb...

Totally guessing, but let's try this. Replace the thumbgen.cmd file, you will find in the C:\MySite\utils directory, with the one in the attached .zip archive. Before testing, clear all the files from the thumbnails cache folder (C:\MySite\wwwroot\images\thumbs) to force the program to generate all the thumbnails again.

Thanks a lot!
I'll be back after the test...



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