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How to search the whole phrase in DBsearch?


   thanks for your great porgram, I have used trial version for about one week. I find it is very usefull and want to register it!
   However one question that bothers me  is  "How to search the whole phrase in DBsearch?"
   eg: I want to search phrase "Less work has benn done on EXO area"
   my search purpose is try to find pdfs that match the whole setence rather than one word in page 4 and other word in page 10 etc.
   I have selected "whole word only" filed, but it doest work too

  is there any solution?


DBSearch of text phrases is not supported in the current version (in the TODO list for the next major version release). But you can use the direct text search Search/Filter functionality (just set it to search in the contents) to reduce the results returned by the DBSearch that, as you pointed out, will include all the documents that contain all the individual words that compose the phrase, but independently of the order or proximity.


Thanks for you reply


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