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remember settings in shell tool


rodney holland:
When executing a shell tool operation like page rotation it would be nice if the setting was remembered i.e. -90.  Often the same operation needs to be repeated and it saves clicks to not have to go to the drop down box each time.


Must of the tools already have this behavior, but the rotate pages tool, indeed, always load with the default settings.
I suppose it could be helpful, so I've now implemented it. To go public in the next release.
Thanks for mentioning the need. ;)

Thinking about this makes me wonder if the functionality of saving tools settings, in order to execute the related tool directly from a respective shell context menu item, would be also useful?
Let's say you usually rotate pages by -90 degrees. It would be possible to create a menu item, named .e.g. "Rotate pages by -90 degrees", that would show in the shell context menu to immediately (or not) execute the rotate page tool with these saved settings.


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