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Unable to Save File After Adding InfoEdit Field

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I have just discovered how to add a tag using the "Details" tab. :).  Back in the day, Windows was intuitive, now you have to be clairvoyant! >:(

I cannot add tags to PDF files but can on others (I have tried Word and Excel files).  Is this a "Feature" of PDF files?  Unfortunately, the job in hand uses PDF files exclusively so I cannot proceed until this problem is resolved.

In that Windows Search advanced options, and for the option you have selected for the PDF file type, it should show also "file properties filter", so it seems that the PDF property handler is not correctly registered.
Run the manager and check if the PDF-ShellTools property handler shows as registered.

Run this tool STRegKeysChecker.zip and send me by email (get the email address from the manager about box) the text that will show, so I can inspect your system PDF-ShellTools related settings.


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