Author Topic: label values adjusted in windows 8.1 for pdf files not visible on windows 7  (Read 3499 times)

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I have added labels to pdf files, using PDF-ShellTools, and adjusted the values (e.g. author, rating, year) in Windows 8.1. When I am listing these files in Windows 7 explorer, on another PC, these values seem to be lost. I there any way to resolve this? Thank you.


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The PDF-ShellTools property handler saves the metadata in the PDF files, so you can be sure the metadata is not lost.

As long you have PDF-ShellTools installed in both Windows/PCs, and its property handler extension is correctly registered in the system, the standard PDF metadata properties (Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, etc.) should be immediately available.
The "rating" and "year" properties you refer are not standard PDF metadata properties, so I suppose you configured these as custom properties, and mapped them to the system equivalents, using the PDF-ShellTools manager in your Windows 8.1 PC. You just have to define the custom properties the same way in your Windows 7 PC.

You say the metadata doesn't show in the Windows 7 PC. But it is just the metadata you edited in the Win 8.1 that doesn't show, or doesn't show any metadata at all?

Where do you keep the PDF files, to be able to access them from both PCs (external disk, network folder, ...)?