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And I have received it, but now I have doubts if you understand for what the advanced custom fields editor, import functionality, is used?!

The PDF you sent is just the standard cover sheet used by the Create/Edit PDF packages tool, and that PDF doesn't has any metadata fields defined. Using the import tool in that PDF is nonsense, and obviously will show nothing to import. You have to use it in a PDF that has the custom fields you want to define as custom PDF-ShellTools fields.

Please explain what you want to achieve.

Well I tought so :) I just pressed the import button and this was the pdf, I could open. I would like to add some additional fields to my pdf properties.

You use the import button only if you already have a PDF using these custom fields, you may have created and edited in another tool. And, if that's the case, that is a typical Windows open file dialog. Just browse to the folder where you have your PDF, to open it as the source from where to import these custom fields definition settings.
You can also import from a XML file, if the file follows the XMP specifications.

If what you need is to define these custom fields settings from scratch, then you have to create them manually and for that you don't even need to use that advanced section. Just add the fields from the basic custom fields settings editor tool. You just need to click the add button, and edit the columns "label", "name" and "type". Hit the F1 key, to open the user's guide, for an explanation of these fields meaning.

And if you are using Windows Vista, and up, you can also use:

* The mapping tool to assign these custom fields you have just created to a Windows shell defined property.
* The details pane items tool to make them visible in the Windows Explorer details pane.
When done, just hit the apply button and you will have now PDF-ShellTools configured to add, edit and show these custom fields on your Windows shell.

Some of it was easier, than I thought. I used two of the custom-fields to create new property-columns. They are visible in PDF-Explorer - and I can edit them. They are also chosen in the "details pane items tool", but the columns aren't visible in Windows Explorer - or rather I can choose them, but the fields are empty.

You always have to manually set the columns you want visible, by folder, from the Windows Explorer.
Regarding the fact the columns are showing empty. If the PDFs are in an Windows Search indexed folder, or in a Library folder, you have to wait until the indexer re-index these folders, or force the rebuild of the index.

But the fields should show filled, and can be edited, in the Windows Explorer details pane and in the file properties details tab.

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