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Hi, I tried to make some custom fields via the Advanced custom fields settings editor, but when I pressed the import button I couldn't choose any fields because the document was empty. Any ideas what's wrong?

First make sure you are using the last version, currently + patch 3.

That PDF may be slightly corrupted, and most of the times you can fix this errors opening the PDF is a PDF reader, and using the save, or save as, option to get a fixed PDF that PDFE will now handle correctly.

If problems continue, and the custom fields do show in Acrobat but not in the PDFE custom fields import tool, then, if possible, please send me that PDF, so I can check for what's wrong.
You can send it as an email attachment to the email address you will find in the program about box (menu Help>About), attached to a private message here in the forum, or in an attachment to a reply here in the forum if you have no problem to make it public.

I'm sorry I should have said, that it was in Pdf-Shelltools-administration.

Wrong forum then. I will move this topic to the correct forum later.
Anyway, my reply is also valid for PDF-ShellTools. Check if you are using the last version (currently 2.1.3) and, if the problem persist, please send me that PDF from where you want o import the custom fields, so I can check if indeed a bug is the culprit.

I have mailed the pdf. Thanks a lot.


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