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Play Pdf with Mp3 on iPhone (iPad)?


Hi, I integraded succesfully an mp3 in a pdf (use it for a music score) and it played well on my PC (Windows 7, Adobe XI - patched)
I send the file to my iPhone but it will not play on the iPhone.
Is it possible for you to make PDFrizator work on the iPhone, (iPad)?

In what PDF reader(s) you tried on your iPhone?
I don't know if there is any PDF reader able to support such feature on iOS, but you should try first with the Adobe PDF reader.

Check also if embedding the mp3 using the legacy format (PDFrizator menu Edit>Preferences|General, "Embed MP3s in legacy format" option) changes anything. This option is cumbersome in Acrobat/Reader for Windows, because of hysteric security measures, but may help on these systems.


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