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MP3 sound embedding - how to?

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While I'm thinking about it (again), maybe you might consider making an improved version if PDFrizator (like a "Plus" or "Pro" version) and sell it for about €14.95 - €24.95 ?  ;)

If you could add some additional audio/video options for controlling [Adobe] presentations (as referenced above in this post), at least you'd get some revenue-return for your effort(s).
...just a thought.   And at least one waiting customer (me)!

BTW - I also mentioned your product on the LibreOffice forum (with reference to PDF and embedded audio). 8)

Eventually I may consider to make more advanced features only available to a payable pro version, but much more functionality will remain free. The development is a bit slow, I don't have many time for it, but it's not stopped. Some nice new features already working, but still too buggy :(
Soon I will take a look to new audio features, specially to the start/stop based on events, i.e. mouse interaction with page elements events, page visibility, etc., and to link audio to specific pages and page elements, not just to the whole document.

And thanks for mentioning the tool on the LibreOffice forum! Public exposure is important ;)


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