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Win 7 Explorer - SEARCH will not find metadata.

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Windows 7

I installed PDF-ShellTools trial version today.   Looks good.  I can edit metadata and see it displayed on the WExplorer columns.

BUT I cannot search based on keywords (tags).  The tags are there.  They display.  But Search wont find them.

I have already reset Indexing.

How can I make Search find files based on pdf metadata content ? ?


By the way....
Yes... the folder I am searching IS listed in the included files/folders for SEARCH.


Win7 32 or 64-bit?
Just in case, I tested right now the latest trial version (2.0.1) in a Vista 32-bit, Win7 64-bit and Win8 64-bit PCs, and it's indexing just fine.
Check if the SYSTEM account has read access to these files, under the file properties security settings (1 in the attached screenshot).
Check also if your PDFs, under the file advanced properties, have the option "Allow this file to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" checked (2 in the attached screenshot).
What are your index settings for the PDF file type under the indexer advanced options (3 in the attached screenshot)?

Thanks for the response!

I have win 7 home premium 32bit  (see 1st screen shot)

Going through your suggestions, I cant find anything wrong.  I have not changed anything.

I see there is no "SECURITY" user with permissions.   But none of the files have that.

Maybe these screen shots will allow you to point me in the right direction?

I made one change.  I added "SYSTEM" to the list of users for the folder I am indexing and testing.
It made no difference.  I still cannot search for keywords on .pdf files in this folder.
See screenshot.


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