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Custom meta tags in Windows Explorer XP


Hi, when I create custom fields in file details I can't see or select in property file or in windows explorer under Windows Xp. Why?


--- Quote ---when I create custom fields in file details
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Please explain how you do this in XP?!  In Vista, Win7 and Win8 you can use the Windows Explorer details pane, or file properties details, to edit the custom fields you have defined in the PDF-ShellTools Manager, but not in XP.

In XP, with PDF-ShellTools, you can see PDF metadata custom fields in the file info-tip balloons, or in Windows Explorer details view columns. There are no functionalities, other than the command line interface, to edit these custom fields.

If the custom fields already exist in the PDFs, you just need to use the PDF-ShellTools manager to setup the custom field(s) you want to make available to the Windows Shell. You will also, using the Windows Explorer in details view, to manually add the new column(s) to the list of visible columns in each folder where you want it visible.

Please give me more details, if possible with screenshots and sample files, so I can better understand your problem.


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