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Purchase completed, but no unlock code provided

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I bought your PDF Shell Tools via Paypal this morning. I have received the paypal receipt, I have registered with this forum and received the validation of forum registration, but still no means by which to unlock the expired trial or instructions on how to use the software that I have purchased. I see nothing on your site, nor paypals, which suggests any type of delay would occur once payment was made. Please advise right away.

Hello Mike,

I can resend you the license registration email that failed to arrive, but the PayPal purchase you made is for a PDF Explorer personal license, not PDF-ShellTools.
Please confirm what product you really want, so I can send you the correct license.

I wanted PDF ShellTools. Thanks.

Will you credit my paypal account for the overpay amount, or would you like to credit the full amount and I'd do a full purchase of ShellTools?

BTW I've received no emails from your company other than the forum validation. Maybe it got lost in junk mail land...

OK then. I've just send you a PDF-ShellTools personal license registration email.

And it's probably better if you make a new purchase, now of the correct license, and I will then do a full refund of the wrong purchase. Reduces the paper clutter. But you decide.

BTW, when you posted here in the forum I sent you also an e-mail. If that one failed to arrive too, better if you provide another address, with a less buggy spam filter.

New purchase has been completed, and previous license key info received. Thanks much. I assume you'll simply credit the first purchase. Thanks again.


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