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does property handler mess up tags?

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Hello Rui,
I suspect the property handler to mess up the tags when I edit tags within windows explorer.
A typical outcome after the editing (I typically delete a tag and add a new tag then save) is:
"ASOPS; Terahertz; Time-Domain Spectroscopy; TFCS; S; ASOPS; Terahertz; Zeit-Domänen-Spektroskopie"
(tags should not be double, there should be no "S"-tag)
Any ideas? See list of active shell extensions attached.

I am sorry, I did not check for updates first. I will try if the update solves it.

If the problem is present also in the last release, please give me more details on how to reproduce it. What's in the tags field before you edit it, and what text you type to get into that erroneous field content?

the issue still persists in v13 patch 6.
I think it is connected to tags including space characters.
In the attached pdf I had keywords: long tag1; long tag2; very long tag3
then changed to:  long tag1; replace tag2; very long tag3 in win explorer detail pane and saved
and I got: long tag1; replace tag2; very long tag3; g tag1; long tag2; (see attached file)

Playing with your tags example I finally have been able to reproduce the problem. Has aleatory behavior and results from a split function that, in some situations, was parsing beyond the end of the string.
Thank you very much for reporting it in the first place, and for the additional today's information. We have one more down ;)
Fix will go out with the next release.


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