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Hi Rui,

Would it be possible to allow for re-sizing of the "Pages to insert-append" frame? When you have a number of pages, it would be nice to be able to increase this, rather than the "insert/append to" frame increasing.
Also, when moving documents up and down in the list, have the list move to keep the item in view. At the moment, if you move items up you have to scroll up to see where they are going.



Done. Took the opportunity and I've also added auto-scrolling, to the already possible drag and drop, and multi-select.
Thanks for pointing out the problems.

Thanks :)

P.S - I don't like how the Insert Before/Insert After now remembers the last used setting. Is there anyway this "remember last setting" could be optional or go back to reverting to insert after like it used to?

There is no way, yet, to configure that "remember last settings" behavior, but a good workaround, to disable that feature, is to change the access permissions to the registry key used to save these settings.
Using the Windows registry editor, browse to this key
and execute the next steps:

* Delete the "LastUsed" value, to reset to the default settings
* Access that key permissions settings dialog, menu Edit>Permissions...
* Click the "Advanced" button
* Select your Windows user account
* Click the "Edit" button
* In the "Deny" check-boxes column check the "Set value" item
* Now apply the changes, and it should be ready

As always you have come through with the goods  8)

If you delete the value in the LastUsed key, it resets to "insert before". So I got it to save as "insert after" and then locked the value.

Thanks again


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